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Factbook tags add millions of tags to resources so that more detailed information is only a click away. With Factbook tags, you can hover over the tagged text to get a brief definition or click to find more details. Along with the tags included in Verbum, you can tag any text and share it with the community. Currently, Factbook tags are only available on Verbum Desktop.

Note: Different Factbook tags are available depending on your Verbum package.

Note: Available in packages Starter and above.

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Using Factbook Tags

Creating a New Factbook Tag


Using Factbook Tags

Factbook Tags are part of all Bibles and resources in Verbum. To toggle Factbook tags off and on in your resource, select Factbook icon. Now words that are tagged link directly to Factbook will show a dotted blue underline.

V10 - Factbook Tags1


Hovering over the underlined words displays a simple definition.

V10 - Factbook Tags2


Selecting the underlined words opens the associated Factbook entry.

V10 - Factbook Tags3


In Bibles, you can choose which tags you want visible from the dropdown menu.

V10 - Factbook Tags4

Note: One of the filters is Created by users. This displays user-generated tagging. If you do not want to view tags created by others, deselect this option. 

From all other resources, the Factbook tags dropdown menu displays two choices: Show in all appropriate resources or Do not show in any resources.

V10 - Factbook Tags5


Creating a New Factbook Tag

Along with the Factbook tags included in Verbum, you can add tags to resources and share them with the community. At this time, you cannot add Factbook tags within Bibles. 

First, right-click the text you would like to tag.

Select Add Factbook tag.

V10 - Factbook Tags6


Either select a Factbook article from the suggested list or use the search bar to find the Factbook article you would like to link to your tag.

V10 - Factbook Tags7


There is now a dotted blue line under the text in your resource.

V10 - Factbook Tags8

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